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10 Responses to the 7 Most Common Automobile Questions

1. Give an explanation for the use of large tires in automobiles’ rears.

Large tires have more pulling power because they have a larger surface area that touches the ground. Tractors don’t have to run at higher speeds, so they get the same ground speed with larger tyres. This is basically why tractors have larger rear tyres. Additionally, due to the tyres, gear ratios do not have to be as high.

2. How does kingpin offset work? Describe some of its uses.

  • The component, also known as the kingpin offset, that is utilized in vehicle steering is referred to as the pivot. The steering mechanism of automobiles greatly benefits from this offset, which aids in steering rotation.
  • Applications: Using the geometric parameters of the wheel plane above and below ground level, this is also used to measure the scrub radius.
  • When used in conjunction with the caster, it provides the vehicles with directional stability.

3. Make sense of the fundamental distinction somewhere in the range of BS2 and BS3 motors.

The presence of a catalytic convertor is the primary distinction between the BS2 and BS3 engines. The BS3 engine has a catalytic convertor, which aids in reducing the formation of HC and CO. While in BS2 motor, no reactant convertor is available which structures HC and CO. As a result, the BS3 engine emits no harmful CO or HC. Bharat stage, India’s emission standard, is the full form of BS.

4. In heavy vehicles, what is the pressure of the injector? Why is it utilized?

The pressure at which fuel can be injected into the vehicle is known as the injector pressure. In weighty vehicles, injector pressure is 220 kg/cm square. It is used to set up the vehicles’ standard fuel injection. The following formula allows us to determine the amount of fuel required with the assistance of injector pressure:

Est. Horsepower x B.S.F.C / No. of injectors x duty cycle = lb/hr per injector
cc = lb/hr x 10.5

5. What will the weight shift be during the drive torque?

Due to weight transfer, when cars have front-wheel drive, torque is applied to the rear wheels, limiting acceleration. The car’s chassis is attached to this drive by bolts. As a result, modern manufacturers use suspension tuning to make rear-wheel drive as responsive as front-wheel drive as possible.

6. How do the hydrostatic propulsion systems in a tractor operate?

Pascal’s law is the foundation of this system. Since the pressure in a tractor is the same, the force that the liquid exerts on the surrounding area is equal to the pressure X area. As a result, a hydrostatic propulsion system is designed in accordance with Pascal’s law, with smaller pistons experiencing less force and larger pistons experiencing more area.

7. Make sense of the explanation that why the tires are consistently dark in variety. Is the heat conduction connected to this phenomenon?

The amount of carbon added to the rubber during vulcanization gives the tyre its black color, making it resistant to shear. Tyres won’t be able to withstand the road’s heat and friction without vulcanization. As a result, carbon is the ingredient that gives tires their distinctive black color. When ozone and the sun’s ultraviolet light combine, tire degradation is slowed by the addition of carbon. It attacks the tire’s polymer.

8. What role does the governor play in automobiles?

The governor is an essential part of an automobile engine. During shifts in load, it is used to control the engine’s main speed. Fuel supply must be maintained in light of the fluctuating load. The governor is in charge of this job. Speed decreases when the engine is under a lot of load, so the fuel supply needs to go up. Conversely, when the load goes down, the fuel supply needs to go down.

9. When starting the vehicle, why does the white exhaust smoke come out? How are you going to stop this?

Water or antifreeze entering the cylinder and causing the engine to begin burning it with the fuel is the primary cause of white smoke. Steam is all that’s in that white smoke.
Measures for prevention: The anti-freeze can’t get into the cylinder area because there are special gaskets, like head and primary gaskets. White steam will be produced by this antifreeze and accumulate near the tailpipe.

10. Which systems are MPFI and TPFC?

Multi Point Fuel Injection is spelled MPFI. Fuel is injected into the intake ports, which are just upstream of each cylinder’s intake valve, in this system. In these sequential systems, injection is timed to coincide with each cylinder’s intake stroke.

The term “transient power fuel control system” is TPFC. A constant choke carburetor is used in these systems. The fact that this carburetor provides engine raise with less jerk is its most notable feature. Through a tapered jet, the throttle valve in these systems creates vacuum, which opens the slide that controls the air to fuel ratio.

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